UTMN: Cutting-edge research at University of Tyumen

The conducted research has a multi-disciplinary nature spanning from petroleum engineering to environmental sciences and computational biology. This is in line with the main priorities of the science and education centre (SEC) established in Tyumen in 2018.

The economic sectors which may benefit from the achieved research outputs include petroleum engineering and geology, energy-saving technologies, minerals extraction and processing, clean- and bio-energy and energy storage, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In a short period of time, Zakhar and Aleksandr were able to conduct a number of studies which resulted in a number of publications in highly-ranked (Q1) academic journals. The importance of such research projects was recognised internationally. As a result, all the scientific manuscripts were published in collaboration with the leading Australian research groups from the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University (Australia). Moreover, one of the future research projects was recently supported by the Russian Science Foundation which clearly indicates the importance of the conducted research for target economic sectors.

The researchers look in the future with optimism and aim high in the following year. The paper drafted by Zakhar Lanetc and Aleksandr Zhuravlev in collaboration with leading Australian academics has recently been accepted to be presented at one of the world’s most prestigious petroleum conferences which will take place in Saudi Arabia in February 2022. One of the main goals for the next year is to expand the research team by promoting innovations and creating scientific positions that should allow involving students and young researchers in scientific work.

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