UTMN develops tools to learn Russian online

The UTMN team and the Tyumen regional public organization “Center for development of leadership and project competencies” will develop a new tool for learning Russian online. Developing new easier ways to learn will help motivate students of CIS, BRICS, and EU to learn Russian as a foreign language.

The UTMN Center for the Development of Leadership and Project Competencies received a grant from the Ministry of Education to develop a linguacultural online quiz — “Russia in 60 seconds”.
The project is dedicated to popularizing the Russian language and culture through an online quiz format. Professors of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities will take part in the development. The intellectual quiz is aimed at a wide audience; any foreigner who studies Russian can participate in the event and test their knowledge of Russia.
“The new game format is makes learning accessible for everyone. Students or pupils will defiantly enjoy it. Most importantly, the quiz is designed for a wide range of international participants, regardless of age, occupation, or goals for learning Russian. Our purpose is to show that the Russian language can be interesting, fun, and easy,” said Svetlana Dracheva, the Project Manager, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian and Foreign literature of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities of UTMN.