UTMN: International event hosted in Balkan center

Participants presented the traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year in Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. The historical basis of Balkan cultures are reflected in the winter holidays.

“Slavic countries and peoples are united by common spiritual and moral values. Our Center aims at young people decent education. Due to such informal events there is an opportunity to get to know the Balkan world better and strengthen our cultural and spiritual ties,” Natalia Chebotareva, Director of the Balkan Center, said in her welcoming speech.

Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Center Natalia Lyalina told about the indigenous New Year’s ritual, she demonstrated the gathered guests the Bulgarian “Survachka” decorated with a branch of dogwood, which in Bulgaria is customary to bless their mothers with wishes of strength, health and beauty.

IT was not without Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a round dance around the Christmas tree. The guests concluded the festive event with a cordial conversation and a tea party.

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