UTMN: Latin America festival at UTMN

The annual festival of Latin American culture was held outdoors. The event was a place for everyone to learn more about the culture of Latin America and make friends with international students.

The festival was organized as an interactive quest. The participants visited the stations, where they learned about the traditions, national games, and geographic sights. Students could test their knowledge and participate in a quiz about Latin American culture. The event ended with a Latin dance master class.

Jose Manuel Tovar Solorzano, Director of the UTMN Center for Latin America and the Caribbean Countries, comments:

“Every year more and more students from Latin America and the Caribbean are showing interest in studying at the University of Tyumen. Such events are important for the exchange of cultural experiences. We want all students to always feel at home here. We are very proud that representatives of different countries and heritage live and study at our university.”

UTMN has several cooperation agreements with universities in Spain and Latin America. Students and academic staff can participate in exchange programs. This year, students from Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and Haiti are studying at the University of Tyumen.