UTMN: Russia eases rules for international student employment

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has passed a bill, which will ease the procedure of employment for foreign citizens. Those amendments will allow foreign citizens studying at Russian universities and professional training colleges to get a job without a special permit.

In the future, this bill creates an opportunity for international students to manage their work and study life better. The amendment will also help students to participate in yearly employment programs and fairs held at UTMN. This change will help double the number of international students enrolled at Russian educational institutions.

According to the project, foreign students studying full-time in Russian universities will be able to apply for a job without obtaining a special permit. Before this change, international students weren’t able to work part-time during their studies. Previously, they were allowed to work during vacations, and only at the universities, they were enrolled.

The document does not change Russian migration legislation, but simply gives incoming students the opportunity to work in Russia. Students arriving from abroad must have a migration registration. If a foreigner ceases to be a student, then they lose the right to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and, accordingly, to work.