UTMN: The delegation from the Republic of Korea visited UTMN

Ivan Romanchuk: “We know that the Republic of Korea is developing very dynamically, and the interest in technology and in learning the Korean language in the world is constantly growing. In 2018, UTMN representatives visited Korea and exchanged their experience with the country’s leading universities. I hope that today’s meeting will be a sequel of this constructive cooperation.”

For his part, Lim Cheol Voo, the director of the Korea Foundation in Moscow noted: “The Korean Foundation is an organization that aims to develop the study of the Korean language in universities. The program has been operating in Russia for more than 20 years. I would like to thank you for expressing your sincere interest in the development of Korean studies and the study of the Korean language at the University.”

Lim Cheol Voo also said that recent research on the topic “Which second foreign Asian language would Russians like to study” showed that selecting between Asian languages, Russians would like to learn Chinese, then Korean and Japanese. Among the group of people from 18 to 20 years old, the first place was taken by the Korean language. These results are a guide to action for the Korean side.

Today more than 50 UTMN students study Korean. Interest in the language and culture among young people is growing. Inter-university student exchange programs are successfully developing.

Representatives of the Foundation expressed their willingness to help UTMN train teachers, as well as to provide the necessary educational literature.

Both sides are ready to develop successful and fruitful cooperation.

It should be added that during the visit, members of the Korean delegation held a series of lectures for UTMN students.

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