UTMN to develop Russian language tool making learning easy

UTMN Center for Adaptation Practices and Testing received a grant from the Ministry of Education of the RF for developing a project dedicated to Russian language and culture — «Watch.Learn.Speak».

The online simulator will be developed as part of the project that combines progressive digital technologies and innovative methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language and aimed at increasing motivation to study the Russian language and culture.

Popularizing the Russian language is an important strategic goal before the Russian Federation. The development of such projects directly correlates with state interests and national security. Our main goal is to ensure the Russian language global relevance. One of the ways to achieve that is by improving the conditions of how the Russian language is taught. We need to focus on developing and implementing free educational products that meet the needs of a wide range of people and are available to a significant amount of students.” — comments Elena Tumakova, the project manager, UTMN Acting Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor at the Department of the Russian Language and General Linguistics.

UTMN Center for Adaptation Practices and Testing was established in 2012. Its activities fully correspond to the tasks of the federal plan for Russian language support and global popularization.

The center’s staff develops new methods and actively shares successful practices with colleagues from Russia and abroad. Specialists of the Russian Philology regularly conduct open lessons of the Russian language for international applicants and training seminars for professors. The center organizes the Russian language Olympiad for foreigners, implements other cultural and educational events and humanitarian projects.