UTMN: UTMN International students participate in the summer language club

The University of Tyumen joined the Summertime Russian 2021, which was organized within the framework of the Russian Knowledge Exporting Universities network. Classes will run until August 15th.

The club is designed to help international students of Russian universities and applicants from abroad to improve their Russian language skills and gain feedback from experienced teachers. In addition, the lessons are useful for those who are interested in Russian culture and want to learn more about Russia.

Participants will have an array of topics to choose from: art, culture, sports, social media, traveling, health, etc. The program will concentrate on Russian culture, traditions, national cuisine, folklore, and, of course, slang. Despite it being officially summer break, many students are interested in having additional language classes.

The language club is running only for the second time and already gaining a lot of traction. In 2020, about 200 people took part. This year, however, more than 350 people from various countries have registered to participate: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Zambia, Senegal, Thailand, China, Japan, Congo, Ecuador, Nepal, Brazil, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, India, Afghanistan and many more.

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