UTMN: UTMN students continue their studies online

Full-time students will continue their studies using the Microsoft Teams platform. All types of training sessions, consultations, ongoing monitoring of academic performance, midterms will be carried out in full according to the schedule.

The distance format of the work is established for UTMN employees of the age category 60+ and those with chronic diseases.

In UTMN all necessary preventive measures to prevent the spread of new, more active COVID-19 strains are observed.

The buildings of the university are cleaned according to the viral regime with the use of detergents and disinfectants.

The control over the mask regime is maintained. Dispensers with antiseptic products for hygienic hand treatment are installed in halls, lavatories and dormitories, canteens and cafes.

There is an “input filter” with non-contact thermometry at the building entrance points and restrictions on holding mass events.

A mobile vaccination station continues to operate on the basis of the medical care facility of UTMN.

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