Utrecht University: 73% of Utrecht alumni want to stay involved

Our alumni are positive about the university and associate UU with quality and science. 73% would like to stay involved. The most important reasons to stay involved are gaining relevant knowledge for work and the appealing range of activities UU offers.

In addition, more than 70% of alumni plan to continue their education in the next two years, almost a third of alumni say they want to participate in an alumni activity next year and 54% of alumni want to make a one-time contribution to a specific project of the Utrecht University Fund.

Stay connected
Alumni feel most connected to the city of Utrecht, study friends and their study programme.

Utrecht University wants to strengthen the relation with her alumni. Alumni indicated that, just like in the previous survey, they feel most connected with the city of Utrecht, their study friends and their study programme. They would like to take part in a lecture in Utrecht or an activity organised by their study programme or faculty next year.

Supporting the university
Besides visiting alumni activities, alumni also want to give something back to their university. For example, by being involved in the Utrecht University Fund. 44% of alumni donate or are willing to donate to the fund. These are both young and older alumni. Supporting research within the university is identified as the most important giving objective.

The previous alumni survey showed that alumni prefer to be kept informed by email, and this is also the case now: 41% of alumni prefer email as a means of communication. That is why our alumni have been receiving the alumni email newsletter six times a year since this year. In addition, 65% of alumni read Illuster magazine regularly or very regularly. Both digitally and on paper.

Choosing UU as Continuing Education institute
Utrecht University has been offering education for professionals for a number of years to give alumni, among others, the opportunity to continue their development. The survey shows that a large majority of alumni plan to work on their professional development (refresher courses) in the coming years. More than 60% would choose Utrecht University because of the quality of the courses on offer for professionals, and 44% of respondents find it logical to choose Utrecht University for continuing professional development, precisely because they have previously studied at this university.

The main reasons for this professional development are learning new skills, deepening and inspiring the profession and keeping up-to-date in the field.

Continuing Education
As in the previous alumni survey, alumni prefer a combination of online and on-site meetings and short-term programmes lasting a few days or months. Respondents also find it important to receive a certificate.

What do we do with the results?
The results are used to underpin both the UU-wide alumni policy and the faculty policy. The goal is to strengthen the bond with alumni and to further develop the Continuing Education external linkoffer.

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