Utrecht University: New virtual international project Medical Humanities launched

The New Utrecht School receives support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to develop a course in Medical Humanities, Embodiment and Creative Arts. An international project to develop this new hybrid internationalisation-at-home course has recently started.

Arts and medicine
Medical Humanities, Embodiment and Creative Arts is intended for those students who cannot enrol in the already existing minor and master’s Medical Humanities, but who would like to take an interdisciplinary course in the arts, creativity, embodiment and medicine.

Medical Humanities
Medical Humanities is a broad scientific field that deals, among other things, with problems of global health. At the moment, Utrecht lacks an international network in this field. In order to create such a network, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and HKU will cooperate with several American and British universities during this project.

The team behind the project consists of Dr Merel Visse (Drew University and Stoney Brooke University Medical School), Prof Frank Röhricht (East London NHS Foundation Trust and Queen Mary University of London) and Dr Stefan van Geelen (UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and HKU).

Spread over the coming academic year, they will use the overarching theme to offer educational and/or training opportunities from their own perspective and expertise. During hybrid workshops, they will also present courses for students for the project work.