Utrecht University: Open Science in Education Kicks Off

Utrecht University works with an open mind, open attitude and open science to find solutions that have a positive impact on society. What does this mean for education at the university? This key question, which also stems from the Strategic Plan, is explored in the new track Open Science in Education that will start soon. In the run-up to this, the Open Science Programme is organising a broad work session – open to everyone – to exchange ideas on this theme.

In the work session, participants will jointly investigate how Open Science and Education are connected. What knowledge and open science skills do we want to equip students with? What does an open attitude mean for reflection and debate about one’s own discipline? How do you value education and tutoring and what does that mean for the new Recognition and Rewards? What is already happening at the UU, what can be strengthened and where are the opportunities? These – but not only these – questions are on the table. The input of the participants will be used to further shape the track Open Science in Education.

The session will be organised twice, on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 December. The sessions will be organised online. Whether you are a staff member or a student, scientific or non-scientific, everyone is needed and welcome to think about how Utrecht University can provide education in an open way.

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