Utrecht University: Public competition: strengthen biodiversity on campus

Utrecht University is strengthening biodiversity on its campus. Innovative ideas to achieve this can come from anywhere and anyone. That is why the university is organising a public competition: ‘strengthen biodiversity on campus’.

The best idea or design will be executed in Utrecht Science Park (USP) and wins a prize.

The challenge
Make grey greener! In the new Utrecht Science Park of 2040, we want to intertwine and connect grey areas (such as buildings) and green areas (effective nature). This is necessary because USP establishes an important green link between the surrounding nature areas. How do we make this ambition a reality? And how do we ensure that greening up the grey actually benefits local biodiversity?

Ideas on where and how to effectively green up USP are most welcome. That is why Utrecht University is organising a digital public competition. Take part by submitting your own design/idea that can be integrated into the grey space of UU buildings in the USP.

The winning proposal will be selected by a jury. In consultation with the Real Estate & Campus department, the winning idea will be assessed for feasibility. If this assessment is positive, the idea will be implemented. The winner will also receive a cash prize of €500 and his/her name will be displayed on a plaque or tile next to the completed initiative.