Utrecht University: Utrecht University signs city agreement for a more accessible Utrecht

All inhabitants of Utrecht have the right to shape their lives in a meaningful way, also when they have a disability. By signing the city agreement different partners in Utrecht want to make this better, easier and collectively possible. In this way they will ensure that improvements are made that will really make a difference for Utrecht’s disabled citizens. The city will become more accessible because the various partners will be better attuned to one another.

Marieke de Bakker, Head of Student Affairs: “Accessibility is one of the objectives of the programme Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of our university. A suitable job for every student, that is what we will be working towards in the coming years through the city agreement. Together with HU University of Applied Sciences, the municipality and other partners in the city, we want to ensure a smooth transition from study to the first job. We need each other for this. By listening carefully to the needs of students, we want to achieve better guidance and support.”