UV based robots sanitizing hospitals from COVID-19

New Delhi: The entire world is today dancing to the beats of the catastrophic novel Coronavirus. Everyone seems to be concerned as well as anxious about their health and their family and friends. What we miss here is the well-being of the doctors and the workers diligently working day in and out to serve the patients in need. Their safety is mostly taken for granted.

In the light of present events, the safety of healthcare personnel is as important as any patient or citizen in the country. Therefore, to address their concern and also reduce their burden, PerSapien which had previously invented Airlens Minus Corona comes up with yet another device Minus Corona UV Bot to enable sterilization of hospital corridors, wards, ICUs and patient rooms, without exposing anyone to the contaminated environment.

Minus Corona UV Bot is devised to reduce the frequency of human contact to the virus as much as possible. They are vulnerable enough to contact the infection while disinfecting the room which increases the possibility of virus transmission among hospital fraternity.

Therefore, to break this chain of events, Debayan Saha and Dr. Shashi Ranjan together invented the device that employs a robotic system equipped with ultraviolet light (UV C-254nm), an AI vision system like the driverless cars and camera enabling the operator to monitor the robot with the remote control. Thus, preventing the workers from coming in direct contact with the virus as well as the UV rays.

“Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilization Technology has been proven to be extremely effective in killing viruses and micro-organisms of any kind which may remain on surfaces even after the minimum number of standard cleaning. UV lights are used for disinfection purposes worldwide and is a very standard method. Therefore, to ensure occupational safety of health workers we have developed Minus Corona UV Bot,” said Debayan Saha, the co-founders of PerSapien and inventor of Minus Corona UV Bot.

The inspiration came from a similar product made by a Denmark company called UVD Robots who sold their robots to hospitals in Wuhan, China during the Coronavirus outbreak there at 80,000-90,000 US Dollars. But unlike their product, Minus Corona UV Bot would not cost more than a few thousand Indian rupees.

Considering that the entire humanity is racing against time to deal with COVID-19, PerSapien is doing its bit to contribute to the society by coming up with innovations to help the citizens in the fight against the disease.

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