UVA Darden launches new Digital Product Management Specialization MOOC on Coursera

New Delhi: The University of Virginia – Darden School of Business has launched a new suite of MOOCs on Digital Product Management for learners across the world on the Coursera platform. Taught by Darden Professor Alex Cowan, the Digital Product Management course provides learners a different and an effective approach to product development, one that results in valuable solutions to meaningful problems. This course will help provide one with a focused approach to the role, which revolves around testing for — and scaling — product and market fit with a mix of qualitative and quantitative evidence.

“Digital product management is a job for the future,” says Professor Alex Cowan. “I keep hearing from learners who tell me they weren’t sure if they were a product manager before taking the courses, but now they know they are, and they’re confidently focused on new possibilities.”

The specialization includes:

“Digital Product Management” ⁠— This course provides learners a survey of modern product management methods with a focus on two skills: A) testing for product/market fit and B) applying those results as a focal point for interdisciplinary collaboration.
“Hypothesis-Driven Development” — Driving toward testable ideas and maximizing the results of experimentation is at the heart of a high-functioning practice of agile. This course shows students how to facilitate alignment and create a culture of experimentation across the product pipeline.
“Agile Analytics” — In this course, students learn how to make analytics a practical habit for all their key activities, integrating it with the core of the drive to value.
“Managing an Agile Team” — This course focuses on helping students better charter and iteratively improve a team’s focus, definition of success and practice of agile.

All these courses are eligible for professional development units from the Project Management Institute and are available for immediate enrolment. For more information on the course, one can log onto: https://www.coursera.org/learn/uva-darden-digital-product-management

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