Vandana Panthi uses radio school and DigiLEP groups to teach her children

Bhopal : Vandana Panthi, who lives in a narrow street in a dense slum area of old Bhopal, is busy teaching her children at home, saying, “Have to defeat Corona – Have to study and teach children at home”. “Come on it is time for radio and whatsapp teachers”.

Vandana is a mother who has no one except these two children. When the responsibility of bringing up two children fell on her shoulders at a tender age, this single mother panicked, but picked up courage and went on to raise her children and make them capable by teaching them. To curb expenses due to weak economic condition, she got her children admitted to Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Boys Hostel located in the Government Habibia Vidyalaya and started working for livelihood. Vandana’s son Lokesh is a student of Class VIIIth and Himesh is studying in Class IVth.

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Boys Hostel was closed down due to Corona outbreak. Her children Lokesh and Himesh also returned to their house. Now their mother started working in a double role. She is not only taking care of them as a mother, but is teaching them as a teacher as well.

Vandana’s daily routine includes, showing children classwise programmes through whatsapp created in the DigiLEP i.e. Digital Learning Invention Programme or Efficiency Enhancement Programme at 10 a.m. followed by a education programme “Radio School” broadcast on radio from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Vandana makes her children do some academic activities on the basis of what is told in these radio and mobile programmes. Apart from this, as a teacher, Vandana makes her kids do one page Hindi and English writing apart from reading one lesson daily.

Says Vandana, “Lokesh and Himesh are my future. I live for them. I work hard throughout the day for my children. I am keeping them away in a hostel, so that they get good food, good clothes to wear and can study also. Due to Corona lockdown, I am not able to teach them properly. Bless the government which has introduced the Radio School and DigiLEP programme. I am now able to teach my children after listening to these programmes. I hope Corona crisis ends soon, my children remain safe and study hard, and fulfil their mother’s wishes.