VANS Skilling and Advisory completes training of over 5500 corporate executives and students

Mumbai: VANS Skilling and Advisory (promoters of E^.X^), a Mumbai based boutique firm has completed training of over 5500 corporate executives and students in basics of business finance and finance for non-finance using a very interesting simulation led pedagogy and experiential method.

A unique board based game called E^X (Everything else is compleX) has been launched about 18 months ago in Mumbai. This board game helps organisation executives and B school students achieve a razor-sharp understanding of key financial terms, business decisions and drivers hence, helping companies building a high-performance culture.

Dr. Madhumita Patil, CEO of a leading B school said “We have been using this simulation for as part of imparting experiential learning for our students. We are proud of this association and every year over 400 students go through this program. We have found this to one of the most popular and sought after programs in the curriculum “

After success in Mumbai, the simulation is being launched in new cities including Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Baroda over the next few months

One of the participant, Dinesh Singh. Vice President and Chief Strategy officer at Voltas said “This is an excellent tool highly recommended for both finance and non-finance professionals. It is a tool that displays the effect a business decision has on all financial aspects establishing the linkages between them. For a non-finance person it will help them overcome the fear of the balance sheet and see for themselves how simple it becomes when the context is there”