Vatika Business Centre organises free virtual consultation on Covid patients Post recovery rehabilitation program


Gurugram: India’s leading business centre chain Vatika Business Centre (VBC) in collaboration with renowned Dr Deepankar Das (Master’s in Cardio-Pulmonary in Physical Therapy) today organised a free virtual consultation for helping covid patients in Post recovery rehabilitation program. VBC believes that such free virtual consultations will go a long way to cut the burden on healthcare facilities and eliminate risks of Covid spread by avoiding hospital visits.

“It has become extremely crucial for us to streamline our commitment towards a Covid-free India by leveraging best digital methods and doing whatever best we can in contributing to reduce the burden on healthcare facilities, doctors, frontline workers and caregivers during these testing times. Free virtual consultations make expert medical counselling for patients more accessible, convenient and help to avert the chances of Covid spread. Earlier, VBC had also arranged Covid Testing camps for all its Employees, Clients and Business Associates”, said Vineet Taing, President – Vatika Business Centre

During the virtual consultation, Dr Deepankar Das answered the queries of the registered participants in detail and helped them with his expert guidance in Post recovery rehabilitation program. The doctor also sensitised 100 + patients on Covid-appropriate behaviours and suggested the best medical solutions for their problems or diseases including breathing-related disorders.

“The rising cases of coronavirus in the country have made hospital or clinic visits riskier. Free virtual consultations are important as they not only reduce the stress on healthcare infrastructure digitally but also helps doctors to identify mild symptoms early for effective and timely treatment. There are lots of misinformation on coronavirus and through online consultations, patients can avoid fatalities through expert clinical advice,” said Dr Das.


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