VC LAWDA conducts extensive tour to various catchment areas of Dal Lake; Reviews works carried out by WMD


SRINAGAR : The Vice Chairman Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA), Dr. Bashir Ahmad Bhat today took an extensive tour to Khimber, Hadoora, Takyasangrishi and Dignibal catchment area of Dal Lake to review the works carried out there by Watershed Management Division (WMD).

Gazalla Abdullah, Project Officer, Watershed Management Division accompanied the Vice Chairman along with other officers of the Division.

On the occasion, the Vice Chairman applauded the efforts of the Watershed Management Division and directed it to restore and stabilize the catchment area of Dal Lake by planting more and more trees and to execute the structural works.

The Project Officer informed that 62,000 plants have to be planted this year and the compost pits which was earlier started as a pilot project in one catchment area with execution of 18 such pits has proved successful and now this year the Division is going to construct such 220 compost pits in whole of the catchment area of Dal Lake.

Meanwhile, the structural works which will be executed this year are restoration of lined retard, crate retards and construction of RCC weirs.

Vice chairman also directed the Project Officer to go for the study of medicinal plants that are present in the catchment area.