Vedantu’s new brand campaign “Zindagi Ka Syllabus” gets to the heart of what inspired teaching truly means

New Delhi: Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, has launched a new brand campaign ‘Zindagi Ka Syllabus’ to underscore the importance of a truly inspired teacher in every student’s life.  To become successful not just in academics but in life, Vedantu believes that our children need teachers who go beyond just academics, to inspire them and not just add life to lessons, but lessons in life. The campaign focuses on real life stories of how Vedantu teachers deeply inspire and impact their students, no matter how far apart the teacher and the child are physically. These moments of inspiration within a Vedantu classroom grow into becoming the guiding force of every child’s learning journey.

The student’s inspirational journey is depicted in four thought-provoking films inspired by real-life stories at Vedantu, featuring Vedantu’s brand ambassador and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan. They emphasize the importance of a teacher’s responsibility in nurturing students and instilling life lessons of kindness, love, and trust, which are as significant, if not more, than academic accomplishment.

The films are based on the real-life experiences of Vedantu teachers and students across the country. The power of online learning is such that today a student from the remotest part of the country has access to quality education through best-in-class teachers who are fueling their dreams. After all, while any teacher can teach, only a select handful can inspire their students.

Conceptualized by Vedantu’s internal brand team and inspired by the Co-Founders and Master teachers, this was directed by Akanksha Seda. The tagline “Kuch teachers humein #ZindagiKaSyllabus sikhaate hai” recognizes teachers who are imparting meaningful life-lessons beyond the online classes and in the process leaving a deep impression on students.

“In India, at any income level, a parent will choose to spend more on education than even healthcare. That’s the kind of responsibility that rides on our shoulders at Vedantu. If parents place this kind of faith in us, the least we can do is give it our all to ensure that their children get the best teachers, the best learning, and the best chance at creating a truly successful path in life. Our campaign is inspired by our real-life teachers and students at Vedantu. In a sense, it’s less a campaign and more of a slice of life at Vedantu. While speaking with our teachers and students, we realized that their experiences were a goldmine of inspiration, and their stories needed to be shared with every teacher and student in the country. Till date, the older students remember life lessons that were taught to them by Vedantu teachers, and our new campaign narrates these experiences through the power of storytelling. Keeping learning and motivation at the core, our teachers are continuing to inspire students across the country, much beyond academics.,” said Maninder Bali, Head of Brand Marketing, Vedantu.

To create national awareness and high-octane visibility for the new campaign, the films will be shown on the following platforms in 7 languages – Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Bengali.

Media plan: TV- top entertainment news and movie channels Digital – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other websites. As a phase one media plan, two out of four commercials are live on air. Both films are about teachers’ ability to inspire and transform students.

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