Veddis Foundation and J-Pal through ASPIRE Host National Leaders to Boost Governance and State Capacity in India at The/Nudge Forum’s ‘charcha 2022’

 The ‘Governance and State Capacity’ track at The/Nudge Forum’s ‘charcha 2022’ – hosted by Veddis Foundation and J-PAL South Asia through ASPIRE, was convened today at India Habitat Center, New Delhi, to tackle a question that has become urgent now more than ever: how can governments be supported to leverage scientific data and evidence for effective policymaking?


We are at a juncture in India’s history where evidence-informed policymaking has assumed renewed significance. The Covid-19 pandemic has threatened to reverse India’s decades of progress on poverty reduction. Building government capacity through effective partnerships, and incorporating data and evidence into policy making can be instrumental in paving India’s way out of poverty, offering actionable solutions to some of the most pressing developmental problems of the nation.


Notable civil servants, eminent researchers and civil society leaders like Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa, Ex – CEO Niti Aayog, Shri N N Sinha, Secretary Ministry of Rural Development, Shri Vishnu Venugopal, IAS, Iqbal Dhaliwal, Global Executive director, J-Pal, Vikrant Bhargava, Managing Partner & Founder, Veddis Foundation shared their insights and experiences, demonstrating the strength of evidence-based policymaking.


The ‘Governance & State Capacity’ event at The/Nudge Forum’s ‘charcha 2022’ featured three interactive sessions on Insights and Stories, Inspiration, and Tech for Livelihoods: Deshruption.


Ms. Shobhini Mukerji, Executive Director, J-PAL South Asia said, “I firmly believe that it will take a collaborative effort from all stakeholders to improve India’s development outcomes at scale. The Governance and State capacity track at charcha 2022 enabled just that. It provided space for some of the leading policymakers, civil society leaders and researchers in India to come together and discuss what has worked so far, what hasn’t worked and what can we do better so India can rapidly transform itself”


Addressing the topic of Building government capacity for the next 75 years, Mr. Vikrant Bhargava, Managing Partner & Founder, Veddis Foundation said, “The entire not-for-profit sector is less than 1% of the developmental budget of the govt each year and a marginal improvement in the quality of policy implementation can have a much larger impact. That’s why we focus on effective governance and state capacity building by working directly with the state and through our partners.”


The/Nudge Forum’s ‘charcha’, has been serving as one of India’s foremost platforms for all stakeholders in the nation’s development – governments, markets and civil society – to come together and chart the course towards a poverty-free nation. ‘charcha 2022’, taking the shape of a livelihoods summit, convened 540+ visionary leaders, thinkers, doers, policy makers, experts and philanthropists together on a shared platform, offering opportunities to connect, network and shape the future to achieve ‘resilient livelihoods for all’. To know more, please visit