Veer Foundation initiates supply of Rent Free Medical Oxygen cylinders

Mumbai: Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based NGO has come forward to support in this pandemic time of Covid-19, by providing Rent Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders along with necessary accessories to support critically ill patients till such time they get admission in the hospitals.

Increasing Covid cases during the monsoon season has resulted in surge in demand for Medical Oxygen requirement for critically ill patients. The key to recovery of Covid patients during this period is Medical Oxygen Support. Till such time the individuals are admitted to hospital, the first hand treatment as recommended is to provide Medical Oxygen assistance and boost up the Oxygen level. As there is scarcity of these cylinders currently due to increase in demand, Veer Foundation has come up with supply of Rent Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders along with accessories and medical Oxygen Gas.

Veer Foundation who has been supporting the society restlessly during last three months to support mankind and extended their helping hand to wherever possible.

Veer Foundation is very keen to provide this service in even other major cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad in future.

The Foundation plans to come forward with extending this Medical Oxygen Support Systems with Medical Oxygen Centres currently at Ghatkopar East, Ghatkopar West, Mulund West and Electrical Market at Lohar Chawl and few more will open shortly. These Centres will provide assistance by supplying Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders in their vicinity.

These Centres are providing round the clock support by providing Medical Oxygen Cylinders whoever needs this support and are advised to take under medical supervision.

The Foundation plans multiple such activities to support the Government initiative in eradicating this Virus and giving a safe environment to the Society.

The primary starting point for Veer Foundation was sanitization of 22000 societies, hospitals, and public vehicles free of cost across Mumbai. This service still continues at Ghatkopar, Mulund and Parel Centre. The Foundation has also received an appreciation letter from Governor of Maharashtra for the above work done during the last three months.

The Centre had approached MCGM N-Ward along with panel of Doctors to set up a COVID Care Centre-2 with Oxygen Support and had received an approval on 18.6.2020 to start the Centre on an immediate basis for which Veer Foundation along with the Panel of Doctors were ready to start the Centre.

The Trustee of the Foundation, Mr Nitin Sanghavi said that Veer Foundation along with the Members are making all best possible efforts to support mankind in this difficult times and would request almighty to shower their blessings by making this World Corona Free.

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