Veer Foundation receives appreciation from Governor of Maharashtra

Mumbai: Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based Foundation has received appreciation from Governor of Maharashtra on 12 June 2020 for serving food to migrant workers, senior citizens and differently abled and sanitising more than 20,000 societies, Hospitals, BMC Ambulances, public transportation vehicles and offices since 4th April, 2020 to till date.

Some of the large societies sanitised include CISF UNIT, MBPT Mumbai, Central Government employees residents welfare association Antop Hill, Mumbai, which is Asia’s largest housing colony to provide housing to employees and staff of any central government body/organization which is been regularly sanitized.

The entire sanitation drive include chemical used and the machines provided free of cost by Veer Foundation.

Besides Veer Foundation has also provided food and masks to senior citizens, migrant workers, and neighbouring BMC Hospitals and quarantine centres.

The foundation has come forward to provide oxygen centre and provide assistance to the local corporation for a set-up of Covid-19 care centre, which is the primary need for the rising cases of Covid-19 and shortage of space in hospitals.

Commenting on the Foundation’s efforts in containing Covid-19, Mr. Nitin Sanghvi, Trustee said, “We are happy to receive appreciation from Governor of Maharashtra, this gives us strength and motivation to serve the society during this pandemic.”

About Veer Foundation:

Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based Foundation formed in 2003, is a symbol of humanity, which strives for the welfare of people and animals. Nitin Sanghavi and family are the Trustees and members of the foundation.

The foundation has organised many welfare activities during its existence in the last decade and continue to strive for the betterment of people of the country. It has served the people of Mumbai and rest of the country, whenever there was a crisis.

The foundation truly believes that, serving the mankind and animals is the best service one can render in one’s life and is the only way to contribute for the betterment of inclusive and progressive society. The foundation feels that no success can be achieved without any teamwork who has supported us during this time.

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