Vehant Technologies launches KritiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection, capable of inactivating 99.9% of Microbes & Viruses

New Delhi : Vehant Technologies, a pioneer in artificial intelligence/ machine learning based security surveillance and Covid solutions & International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Hyderabad have jointly developed KritiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection System for hotels, commercial and private complexes, airports, terminals and railway stations for the disinfection of baggage. KritiScan® UV is highly suitable for deployment at public places where people move around with hand baggage, inactivating up to 99.9% of all microbes & viruses on the surfaces of bags/luggage/objects.

As the country witnesses growing cases every day, though at a moderate rate, it is very important to reduce the multiplication & outbreak. With the increase in the number of passengers traveling through airways/trains/buses and with the reopening of commercial complexes, baggage disinfection at airports, railway & metro stations and at the entrance of commercial complexes etc. has become highly essential to avoid spread of infection . In this regard, UV-C based tunnel disinfection systems play a significant role.

Helping to protect passengers and staff from tactile transmission of contagious disease as they pass through security checkpoints at various places, Vehant Technologies’ KritiScan® UV system automatically disinfects baggage as they are being transported from the reclaim area back to the divest station. Also,the UV-C lights pose no exposure risk to staff or passengers and can be installed quickly and easily.

Mr. Kapil Bardeja, CEO and Co Founder, Vehant Technologies said, “Vehant Technologies has been working round the clock during this COVID-19 crisis with the sole aim of keeping people safe at any cost. Since baggage of the passengers can be a medium of the spread of the infection, we have jointly developed KritiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection system with ARCI. “

He further adds, “Viral borne infections like COVID-19, MERS, SARS, etc spread tremendously from public places like hotels, commercial and private complexes, airports, terminals and railway stations. As many people closely interact in a contained environment, it is imperative to keep a close tab on frequently touched items. The sensing mechanism in the chamber automatically detects the entry of any item into it and powers the system and disinfects the 360 degree surface of any baggage.”

Commenting on the launch, Dr. G. Padmanabhan, Director, International Advanced Research Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) said, “World is currently reeling under the worst ever pandemic situation with COVID 19. Given the circumstances ARCI and Vehant Technologies decided to come together to develop an advanced UV based baggage disinfectant system. This system is capable of inactivating 99.9% of microbes and viruses on the baggage surface. ARCI with its past experience in the UV area was Instrumental in consulting on UV dosage levels and validating the product. Vehant Technologies with its prior experience and expertise in developing and producing KritiScan® UV Baggage Disinfection Systems, has been able to develop KritiScan UV system in record time.“

This advanced baggage disinfecting system has a specially designed motorized conveyor to guide all sort of baggage into the disinfection tunnel, which uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to inactivate microbes & viruses by destroying there out membrane and inner nucleic acids, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Vehant Technologies’ Kritiscan UV system, UV-C lights pose no harmful UVC exposure risk to staff or passengers due to unique safety features and can be installed quickly and easily.

There are various tunnel sizes for different purposes locations i.e. 60X40 and 100×100 with each model type being able to operate at different conveyor speeds. With its easy to install and commission capability, it has a fast disinfection time (8 second Disinfection time) as compared to standard hand-held disinfection techniques thereby leading to suitable deployment in difficult ergonomic high throughput environments like airports, metro, bus stations, train stations etc. Developed with Technical consultancy from IIT-Mumbai & Made in India, KritiScan® UV comes with Ergonomic design with safety features to prevent UVC coming out of the tunnel.

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