Vested Finance won ‘Rising Star’ Award at IFTA 2019

Mumbai: Vested Finance, an online investment platform that enables Indian investors to invest in the US stock market won the “Rising Star” award at the India Fintech Forum`s IFTA 2019. IFTA, India’s biggest fintech demo event, witnessed 23 global start-ups, including Vested Finance, presenting their product to the audience. The event was organised by The India FinTech Forum, which aims to position the FinTech community in India as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.
Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Viram Shah, CEO and Co- Founder, Vested Finance said, “It is an honour to receive such a prestigious award from the industry body. We would want to thank the entire team and all our stakeholders who helped us reach here and have been a part of our journey.”
He further added, “The platform is first of its kind in India that enables Indians to invest in US markets directly and legally. Powered by partnerships with Indian banks, fractional investing capabilities, and a curated list of stocks, we have made the international investing process easier than it was ever possible before.”
Vested Finance has made US stock investing commission – free and hassle – free. The companies included are listed on NYSE and NASDAQ. The team at Vested offers the opportunity to invest in US stocks and ETFs across sectors like healthcare, real estate, tech, telecom, finance etc. which would help Indian investors to create a global portfolio, diversify and invest in global brands. The company also provide unique pre-built portfolios called Vests that enable an investor to start investing easily.