#Vestige dedicates the campaign on ‘Potential Lies Within Us’ to support the PM’s vision of ‘self-reliance’

New Delhi: Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading direct selling company, is celebrating 16 years of providing hygiene, health, and wellness products to more than 2 crore distributors. On its 16th anniversary celebrations, Vestige rolls out the campaign ‘Potential Lies Within Us’ to support the honourable PM’s vision of ‘Atma Nirbharta’ (self-reliance). The 16th anniversary is being celebrated with a complete focus on how the direct selling industry can generate livelihood for people and help overcome the COVID- 19 crisis by providing them economic independence.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. said, “Our success over the years has been the result of our emphasis on creating an eco-system to facilitate people becoming economically independent, and to help them pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Our distributors have believed in Vestige since its inception and their support has been phenomenal in building the institution. In this journey, the 16th anniversary has become very special because of two reasons. Firstly, Vestige has been recognised in top 30 list of global direct selling companies. Secondly, our model of economic independence is in line with the honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s call for being more vocal about local and self-reliant.”

COVID 19 crisis has posed huge challenges to the world at large however it has also taught us new ways of doing business. We have taken our operations online and our distributors have shifted seamlessly to the virtual platform. Specifically, during the lockdown period, the company exhibited its technological prowess to keep in touch with its distributors every day through regular training and skilling sessions across India and international markets.

Mr Gautam Bali further added, “Through our online platforms, we ensured our distributors have the access to right products at right time. Online ordering of products increased by over 300% since March. Our employees ensured efficient service by opening up various touch points across the country following stringent safety measures. Not only this, we successfully launched one of our key products in healthcare category – Vestige Prime Metamind – through the digital platform. It is our aim to keep distributors engaged and motivated everyday through various e-training and management talks as well.

The Indian spirit of resilience and of winning in the face of adversity has been exemplified by direct sellers, who are well versed with building successful businesses from scratch.

Vestige has an extensive range of more than 300 world-class products. The hygiene, health and wellness range comprise of over 90 percent of the product portfolio. True to their mantra of being self-reliant, Vestige is the only direct selling company in India with its own manufacturing plant, that is GMP certified in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. All the hygiene, health and wellness products of Vestige are sourced and produced locally.