Vestige expands health and wellness portfolio, launches ‘Vestige Prime Metamind’ Chewable Tablets

New Delhi: Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s leading direct selling companies that provides health, wellness, and hygiene products has launched Vestige Prime Metamind chewable tablets. It contains FDA GRAS recognised vegetarian ingredients Phosphatidylserine and Ferric Saccharate that improves cognitive health.

According to a recent study conducted by Vestige, 70% respondents also said that modern diet was not enough and additional supplements were necessary to boost brain health.

The decline in the attention span of human being is a matter of great concern as expectations are at an all time high from children above 12 years and working professionals in the 21st century. They need smart learning abilities, ability to concentrate for long hours, improve cognitive skills and prompt brain processing to perform and thrive in today’s competitive world.

Vestige Prime Metamind with Phosphatidylserine (PS) as a key ingredient acts as the right food for the brain that makes crucial contribution to the structure and functioning of the nerve cells. It plays a key role in improving ‘cell to cell’ communication, information transfer, signalling, etc.

The phosphatidylserine in Metamind helps to reduce the risk of dementia and improves memory recognition and recall in the elderly. For Students it improves concentration, enhances memory, increases attention, improves learning and helps in stress management. This is besides improving executive functions, focus, alertness and recall among working professionals.

Phosphatidylserine authorized as a novel food in Europe, and approved in Australia, Canada, and China, is a natural nutrient that can be found in our food chain and exists in mother’s milk. However, modern diet contains low levels of Phosphatidylserine making it important to get daily dose of the same to make up for its deficiency in our diet. Ferric Saccharate carries oxygen to the brain and provides synergistic effect along with Phoshatidylserine.

Commenting on the launch Mr Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.said, “It is an exciting time for the healthcare and dietary supplement market in India which according to TechSciResearch study is expected to reach US$ 308 Billion by 2022. The segment is witnessing strong demand backed by growing acceptance for health supplements among consumers who now has understood the fact that physical and mental health are both co-existent.”

He further added, “We identified this need to boost cognitive health of customers across age groups and decided to introduce it into the market. This has been possible due to Vestige’s single-minded focus on bringing health and wellness products for customers backed by strong research and development capabilities. The development and the subsequent launch across India in record time is a testament to innovative and passionate teams of Vestige who are committed to bring best in class products to boost health and wellbeing of customers.”

Nutrition plays an important role in strengthening and maintaining a proper immune function. A strong immune system helps the body battle the viruses and bacteria that cause infection or disease, including COVID-19.

Vestige is also witnessing exemplary demand for its nutrition products spurred by growing inclination for nutritional supplement among consumers amidst COVID-19 outbreak. Company’s strong product portfolio in the health supplement segment consists primarily of Vestige Prime Krill Oil, Vestige Prime Combiotics and Vestige Prime Seabuckthorn.

Vestige distributors can place order for the Vestige Prime Metamind through Vestige mobile app and e-commerce site – For more details please visit