Vestige Marketing drives employee-centric initiatives to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire

Mumbai: Vestige, the only Indian-origin direct selling company to be ranked #36 in the world, has announced a variety of engagement initiatives to keep employees and stakeholders motivated during the pandemic. These range from offering a 24/7 helpline for Covid and post Covid consultations with qualified doctors, a Vaccination-for-All program along with Mediclaim with Covid cover and life insurance for all employees, to virtually maintaining connections between the management, employees, and distributors. In line with this, the company also launched its own on-demand radio channel called “Vestige Radio”.

Vestige Radio is designed as a platform to thank everyone for putting in their best efforts, to listen to people’s challenges, and to interact with them to create solutions. It was launched to meet the expectations of the employees shared via webinars, and has episodes on motivation, ‘Sochne ki Himmat’, ‘Muskurahatein’, and the Vestige Helpline, to keep everyone’s spirits up. Senior management, employees and guest speakers share motivational speeches, followed by live performances to de-stress. ‘Sochney Ki Himmat’ (Philosophy of our Founder) saw employees share their story of courage and excitement to serve distributors and society in these tough times. These stories reach out to over I crore 35 lakh distributors across India to keep them motivated and engaged.

Commenting on Vestige’s engagement initiatives during the pandemic Mr. Gautam Bali, Managing Director, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd. said, “Our country is facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis which demands a united fight against the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Our engagement initiatives have reached out to Vestigians across the network to build trust, belief, and a safe environment, by providing support, resources, and knowledge to help during this time of distress. Starting from a vaccination drive for all employees, to installing platforms for regular conversations with COVID affected members, to creating a COVID helpdesk, we are doing it all and plan to do much more. The need of the hour right now is ensuring personal health and safety. We steadfastly stand by our employees, distributors and stakeholders in their hour of need.”

Vestige plans to vaccinate all the employees under its ‘Vaccination-for-All’ campaign. It has also set up a COVID helpline to collect information regarding any requirement/support employees need during the pandemic. It has provided family Mediclaim for employees and dependents with Covid Cover, Life Insurance for all employees, facilitating critical care equipment such as oxygen concentrators /or cylinders for the ailing and 24/7 Tele-Consultation Support from qualified doctors, for all their 616 employees and their family members. Their employees are spread across 43 branches and 17 warehouses across India.

The health and wellness brand has also put in place a COVID support initiative called SAMVAAD which sees regular interactions with COVID positives, those recovered and affected people to share their stories of inspiration, information, and encouragement. Its V-Learn advocates COVID Appropriate Behaviours in the form of a series of videos which help employees adopt healthy habits to deter COVID-19 infection and transmission. These clips serve as a reminder to sensitise employees about the appropriate habits required to fight COVID-19.

Reflecting on the importance of positive engagement during the pandemic, Aseem Nath Tripathi, Vice President – HR said, “These are highly distressing times both at work and home. Having on-going sensitive engagement with our people gives them much-needed assurance and provides timely help. This is aimed at letting everyone know that they are not alone in this battle. Under our SAMVAAD initiative, we have been in constant contact with those afflicted, ailing and those who have suffered loss. With this thoughtful outreach, we have been able to make our employees feel more secure and connected during these tough times. It has also brought in positivity and motivation amongst employees.”

Along with these, mindfulness, breathing, and pranayama exercise sessions are also being held to reduce stress, enhance immunity, and induce greater self-awareness. A fun Kids Carnival was hosted virtually for children of employees to participate with singing, instruments, poems, dancing, painting, drawing, art & craft, etc. The children brought positivity and energy for all the adults in the program.

To ensure corporate connectivity during work-from-home period, initiatives such as “Team Huddles” are being conducted at all levels to discuss, strategize, and learn new ways to effectively deal with the lockdown and ensure business continuity. All these initiatives have resulted in a motivated work force during this difficult period and employees have felt inspired to help maintain and strengthen the bond across teams.

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