Veteran banker launches his second book on “Retail – The Lifestyle Banking”

New Delhi: Gautam Gan an eminent Retail banking personality in India strongly believes that Retail Banking is the most exciting subject in Banking science at present dealing with and driven by the behavioral pattern of people, community by community, segment by segment. Its cornerstone is human psychology. This long banking experience of 35 years was added to his association with Micro-Finance world for another 3 years touching the bottom-most line of population and their world. During his journey through the financial sector the writer, with his keen interest in human psychology and humanity, nurtured Retail banking in the depth of his heart and blended his own life with this area of human science. There are indeed multiple books in the market on day to day banking operations and procedures. However, there is an insignificant attempt to unfold a threadbare discussion on how mature is Retail banking now after almost four decades of its growth in India. What actually is or should Retail Banking be or is expected from it.

In writing his memoir, Gautam Gan shared his own extraordinary journey to this book thus is rightly termed “Retail – The Lifestyle Banking,” which is a sincere effort to explore not only the spirit of this business vertical in banking in India but also explains how Retail banking revolves around the expectations of individuals and the delivery of the expectations.

The areas covered in this book on retail banking are:

A) Retail Banking

B) Technology in Retail Banking

C) Human Resource in Retail Banking

Retail Banking is about the desires and expectations of the banking population, the business is handled by a huge population in the retail banking arena. Hence, this has become a part of the life of Retail Bankers across the country irrespective of their ranks and responsibilities. It’s a story of a business vertical in the banking industry which enjoyed tremendous support from the IT sector and with the change in people’s Life Style, grew both physically and spiritually. We shall be happy if it is happy reading for the readers and also users in Retail Banking world in India.

Commenting on the launch Co-author Sreyashi Gan said: “People and Psychology have always been my passion. I am thrilled to contribute to the human angle of this book

Co-author – Udayan Gan Chowdhury, “I feel obliged today to be able to contribute to this book and dedicate this piece of work to the two gentlemen who laid down my foundations and made me capable to pen a few lines for you. Thank you, Baba and Dadan.”