Veterinary conference in Petrozavodsk

A veterinary conference was held in Petrozavodsk, which continued the cycle of conferences held since 2017. The conference was organized by the Agrovetkosalting consulting agency (Moscow).
Every year, the event was of interest not only to veterinary specialists, but also to breeders, volunteers, animal owners, as well as students and teachers of the Department of Animal Science, Fish Farming, Agronomy and Land Management at IBEAT. So this year, students of the 1st and 4th courses of the direction of preparation of the bachelor’s degree “Zootechnics”, associate professor V.Yu. Sirotinin took part in the conference.

The most interesting scientific and practical reports were presented by veterinarians of the St. Petersburg Veterinary Clinic of Neurology, Traumatology and Intensive Care Dr. V.V. Sotnikov. So, the candidate of veterinary sciences, veterinary dermatologist Ruppel Vladimir Vladimirovich presented reports on the therapy of otitis externa and the doctor’s actions for the most common fungal and bacterial skin infections.

Of particular interest to the audience was the report of the chief physician of the clinic, candidate of veterinary sciences, member of the World Veterinary Association of Small Animals (WSAVA) – Sotnikov V.V. The report was devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of otitis media in dogs and cats. High professionalism, accurate diagnostics, correctly selected therapeutic and surgical methods for treating various pathologies – all this was demonstrated by Vladimir Valerievich Sotnikov in the videos of unique endoscopic operations.

The students not only enthusiastically listened and took notes on the doctors’ reports, but also took part in the quiz. This year, a student of our department won again, having received the main prize – a Practical Guide for the Ultrasound Diagnostics of Diseases of Small Pets.

It should be noted that students of the Zootechnics training direction at the 3rd and 4th courses study such disciplines as “Fundamentals of Veterinary Medicine”, “Biotechnology of reproduction with the basics of veterinary obstetrics”, therefore attending a veterinary conference is directly consistent with the work programs of the disciplines. This is especially valuable in conditions where visits to farms are limited. Also, our graduates are perfectly employed as assistants of veterinarians in clinics in Petrozavodsk, and some of them, having received a second higher veterinary education, successfully work in State veterinary offices and private clinics in our city, –
told Valeria Sirotinina.

At the end of the conference, all participants received certificates, and Dr. V.V. Sotnikov invited him to visit his clinic in St. Petersburg.

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