VIBGYOR Group of Schools announces list of India’s first scholarship for financially affected parents due to COVID-19 pandemic


Mumbai: VIBGYOR Group of Schools announced the initial list of India’s first-of-its-kind need-based financial relief package through the ‘VIBGYOR Edubridge Scholarship Programme’ to address the concerns of the parents financially impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Immediately after assessing the early impact on the parents, the school announced the ‘VIBGYOR Edubridge Scholarship Programme’ in May in order to absorb the first wave of financial impact the parents faced due to retrenchment or salary cuts owing to the pandemic. The management had urged all the parents who have been impacted or distressed financially to apply for the scholarship and received overwhelming responses.

VIBGYOR, a pioneer in innovating and redefining the education system in India is expected to announce the second list of the beneficiaries of the ‘Edubridge Scholarship Programme’ over the next few weeks. Parents who applied for the scholarship have received benefits up to three installments of the school fees. The magnitude of the exercise makes it the biggest in the private school space that India has ever witnessed.

Parents were selected through meticulously designed criteria to ensure the process is transparent and congruent to the ethos of the school and help them tide over through the remainder of the year. The school is taking huge efforts in the selection process as a huge number of parents have been applying for the programme.

The scholarship will also ensure the students’ maintain continuity in learning while VIBGYOR prepares its students for blended learning through its state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Sessions which have been initiated at the commencement of the academic year.

Mr. Peshwa Acharya, Chief Marketing Officer, VIBGYOR Group of Schools said that he was highly encouraged with the response of the parents for the scholarship programme. “The VIBGYOR Edubridge Scholarship Programme showcases that the school is standing with every parent during their tough times and this is our way of trying to help the parents during trying times. While we congratulate the families who are the recipients of the scholarship programme, we urge all the parents who are facing financial difficulties to immediately apply for the scholarship programme. Also, note that this being disbursed in complete confidence.”

Mr. Manish Rastogi, Chief Executive Officer, VIBGYOR Group of Schools said, “COVID-19 has created an adverse impact on the earning capacity of many of us, though the impact may be more for some than for others. The purpose of this Scholarship is to subsidise a substantial portion of the annual school fees for parents whose salaries or jobs have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Education of our children is a journey which the parents and the school are jointly responsible for; VIBGYOR is happy to do what it can, within its limited capacity, to ensure its children’s academic continuity.”

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