VIBGYOR Group of Schools launches campaign telling children to “Explore, Experiment, and Innovate”

Mumbai: VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a leading chain of K-12 schools has launched a campaign to showcase the commitment of the school to prepare students for the future, in an increasingly uncertain and complex world.

The campaign highlights VIBGYOR’s philosophy of providing students a safe space where they can constantly explore new ideas and concepts, persevere in the face of failure to continue experimenting and innovating, till they achieve excellence. In contrast with the traditional top-down learning approach, VIBGYOR has adopted experimentation as the central and vital aspect of learning. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and open-minded, and develop critical thinking that will help them figure out solutions to the world’s complex problems.

Launching the campaign, Mr. Peshwa Acharya, Chief Marketing Officer, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, says, “In the VUCA world, the role of K-12 education is to ensure that we are able to instil the values of innovation, curiosity, exploration, experimentation, and perseverance in the students. The key differentiator of VIBGYOR’s education system is to help students build these values through unique pedagogy. This is showcased through different concepts in the campaign.”

The campaign films aim to establish that, as the world changes, school education must evolve as well. There is a need to adopt innovative approaches and allow students to experiment and explore, in order to prepare them to tackle real-world issues. With an environment that encourages trying new things and learning through activities, students are able to construct their own knowledge, skills, and understanding, based on experience. This approach succeeds in helping students to learn better and become ready to join the future workforce.