Vice Chancellor Prof. DC Rai felicitation at SVU Ranchi by Bhartiya Sanskriti Uthhan Nyas

The Vice Chancellor of BRA Bihar University, Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai, got felicitated  at a National Educational Policy – 2020 Workshop cum Abhyas Varg organized by the Shiksha  Sanskriti Utthan Nyas at Sarala Birla University in Ranchi. This honor was given to him by renowned educationist Atul Bhai Kothri, National Secretary of Shiksha  Sanskriti Utthan Nyas for his better contribution in the field of education and key-role in  implementing NEP 2020 in the university.

The event was attended by top leaders from the academia including twenty Vice Chancellors from leading universities and  experts from various fields in education. Prof. Rai was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the field of education, particularly his initiatives for promotion of research and innovatin culture in higher education.  Under his leadership, BRA Bihar University has made significant strides in improving the quality of education and research opportunities for students. Speaking at the event, Prof. Rai thanked the organizers for the honor and emphasized the importance of continuous learning and innovation in the field of education. He also highlighted the need for collaboration and partnerships among educational institutions to further enhance the quality of education in the country. VC Prof. Rai praised Shiksha Sanskriti Uthhan Nyas for its outstanding efforts in supporting the effective implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. The organization has been recognized for its substantial contribution towards promoting educational reforms and enhancing the quality of education in the country. Lauding NEP-2020 VC Prof. Rai said NEP-2020 has the potential to revolutionize higher education in India, making it more inclusive, innovative, and globally competitive. By nurturing a generation of creative and critical thinkers, NEP-2020 will pave the way for a brighter future for higher education in India.

The National Educational Workshop cum Abhyas Varg (14-17 June)  brought together educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the field of education to exchange ideas and best practices. The event featured panel discussions, workshops, and presentations on various topics related to education and academic excellence.

The BRA Bihar University communityexpressed delight  is delighted on felicitated and recognized of VC Prof. Rai for his outstanding leadership and dedication and extended  heartfelt congratulations to him on this well-deserved achievement. His commitment to academic excellence and vision for the future of the university has been truly inspiring. We are proud to have such a visionary leader at the helm of our institution and look forward to continued success under his guidance. Faculty members and University officials who shared their rejoice includes , Prof. Omprakash Roy, Principal, LS College, Proctor Prof. BS Rai, Registrar Prof. Sanjay Kumar, PRO Prof. Rajeev Jha, IQAC director Prof. Kalyan Kumar Jha, Prof. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Navin Kumar including others