Vice-Chancellor Releases books of Sir Syed Academy


Aligarh : “Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had a multi-faceted personality and he should be assessed and judged in the light of the time and space he lived in”, said Prof Tariq Mansoor, Vice-Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) while delivering his presidential speech during the book release ceremony of the Sir Syed Academy, AMU.

The Vice Chancellor released five books, namely Sir Syed Ahmad Khan aur 1857, edited by Dr. Rahat Abrar; Aawaz-e-Sir Syed (a collection of articles by Prof Shan Mohammad), edited by Dr Shahnoor Shan; Rufaqa-e-Sir Syed by Prof Iftikhar Alam Khan; Nawab Vaqarul Mulk by Dr Mohammad Nasir; and Nawab Sir Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Khan by Dr Mohammad Furqan.

Highlighting the dedication and invaluable contributions of the close companions of Sir Syed, Prof Mansoor said the history of Aligarh Movement could not be complete without mentioning the names of the likes of Nawab Vaqarul Mulk and Nawab Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Khan.

He stressed upon the need to translate the monographs published by Sir Syed Academy in other Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam etc, so that the message of Aligarh Movement could reach a larger audience.

Prof Mansoor expressed satisfaction over the digitization work, and conservation of the manuscripts and other rare documents being carried out by the Sir Syed Academy.

“I will continue extending full support to Sir Syed Academy which has published some very important books on Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement in the recent past”, added Prof Mansoor.

Delivering his welcome address Prof Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Director, Sir Syed Academy said, Sir Syed is the founder of modern Islamic philosophy who intellectually evolved in four different phases of his life.

He highlighted the works being done by Sir Syed Academy and extended sincere thanks to Prof Tariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor, AMU for supporting and reviving the Academy.

Earlier, Prof Shafey Kidwai, (Department of Mass Communication), Prof Saud Alam Qasmi (Dean, Faculty of Theology), Dr Mohammad Shahid (Deputy Director, Sir Syed Academy/Publications Division), and Prof Sagheer Afraheem (former Chairperson, Department of Urdu) spoke on the books released during the programme.

Prof Shafey Kidwai said: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan aur 1857 is an important compilation consisting of three important books of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, edited by Dr Rahat Abrar.

“Sir Syed was the first public intellectual of the 19th century and this book successfully starts a new discourse on understanding Sir Syed”, added Prof Kidwai.

“Rufaqa-e-Sir Syed by Prof Iftikhar Alam Khan discusses the contributions of Molvi Samiullah Khan, Nawab Mohsinul Mulk and Nawab Vaqarul Mulk, three great supporters of Aligarh Movement and close companions of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan”, pointed out Prof Saud Alam Qasmi.

Expressing his thoughts on Aawaz-e-Sir Syed, Prof Sagheer Afraheem said the collection of the articles of Prof Shan Mohammad is a significant contribution to Sir Syed studies.

Throwing light on the personalities of Nawab Vaqarul Mulk and Nawab Sir Hafiz Saeed Ahmad Khan, Dr Mohammad Shahid said, Sir Syed Academy will continue producing quality books and monographs on the personalities associated with the Aligarh Movement.

Paying tributes to the late Dr Mohammad Furqan, the author of the monograph on Nawab Sir Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Khan, Mr Javaid Said (AMU Court Member) announced a help of Rs 1 lakh to his family.

Dr Mohammad Shahid proposed the vote of thanks.

The proceedings were conducted by Dr Syed Husain Haider.

Prof Mohd. Mohsin Khan, Finance Officer, AMU, Deans of various faculties, Chairpersons of the departments of studies, faculty members and other dignitaries attended the programme.


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