Vice President Venkaiah Naidu launched state of the art diagnostic center Yoda LifeLine Diagnostics in Hyderabad

Hyderabad : Yoda LifeLine Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad is being inaugurated by the Honourable Vice President, Sri Venkaiah Naidu garu on 17th November 2021 Mr.Talasani Srinivasa Yadav garu, Minister of State for Animal Husbandary, Fisheries and Cinematography, Mr.Chiranjeevi Garu, Film actor and Former Minister of state, Sports icons Sri Mohammad Azharuddin garu, Shri Pullela Gopichand, and Smt Harika Dronavalli are the other distinguished dignitaries gracing this event.

Mr.Sudhakar Kancharla has established Yoda LifeLine Diagnostics Pvt Ltd to offer high-end diagnostic tests in the area of metabolomics, proteomics, genomics, molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics along with routine and radiology services under one roof. He is a US-based technocrat with two world-class diagnostic centers and three high-end IT companies in the United States. With the expertise in both the domains, he has established this unique one-stop solution for all the diagnostic needs. This lab is fully equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure and bringing US-based recent technological advances and innovations to India to empower diagnostics. By utilizing inter-disciplinary modules, Yoda is providing specific diagnosis at a faster pace to facilitate quick clinical decisions.


Apart from diagnosing all the strains of COVID-19, it is capable of assessing immunological status to guide towards booster dose of vaccines. It is empowered to diagnose all the major metabolic disorders, single gene and multi gene disorders using sophisticated instruments. In addition, it is also emphasizing on technologies that can predict future risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease by evaluating genome and epigenome. It is coming with strategies to reduce disease risk through life style modulation and early intervention in high-risk individuals. It has unique panels from screening to confirmation in Mother and Child segment to ensure well-being of both thus making motherhood experience memorable. It is also bringing DNA-based tests to guide towards right medicine and right dose. This pharmacogenomic facility can also benefit organ transplant patients by reducing graft rejections and opportunistic infections. The preventive health packages are enriched with latest advances to give maximum benefit to the patients.

It is bringing a ray of hope in couples opting for in vitro fertilization by facilitating pre-implantation genetic screening, which can help in choosing the best embryo in the blastomere stage. Further, advanced proteomics and metabolomics analysis is being offered to facilitate in depth mechanistic insight in to the pathophysiology of disease. In order to facilitate rapid and reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases and antibiotic sensitivity profile, MALDI-TOF technology is being used, which can give result within the same day. With advanced flow cytometric analysis, live cell dynamics such as immunophenotyping, identification of cancer markers, effect of anti-cancer agents and cell surface protein expressions are also being performed to add on to the wide spectrum of investigations.


In order to give a pleasant experience to the patients, an ambient and serene environment is created and cautions were taken to reduce examination times for radiological investigations by implementing autoalign technology with automated workflows. The patient can avail these services even at their door steps by opting for home collection. The reports will be delivered on their mobile phones and counseling is offered to facilitate quick clinical decisions. Artificial intelligence is being used to maximize clinical benefits in personalized therapy.



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