Victorian plan to welcome international students

Monash University welcomes the Victorian Government’s proposal to allow up to 120 people, including international students, a week back into the state from overseas nations using a separate hotel quarantine system.

Monash, together with colleagues from across the higher education sector, has been working closely with the Victorian Government on how international students could be supported by universities to return safely to Victoria.

Although the details of the proposal are being determined, Victoria is in a very good position to host international students in hotel quarantine, as it has strengthened its systems over the past year.

It is very important that we have this starting point moving towards normal operations across the state, including welcoming international students back to our campuses in a safe, secure and managed way for the overall health and safety of the whole community.

Bringing back 120 people a week is a safe and manageable start. It sends an important signal to our enrolled international students, who are so important to us and wish to be back on campus, that there is a path and we want to welcome them back.

Enabling the return of international students through well-managed hotel quarantine will also allow the careful opening of our economy to the world.

International students contributed around $30 billion to Australia in 2018-19, and over $21 billion was spent outside universities in the wider economy, supporting many jobs in sectors as diverse as hospitality, tourism and construction. Not only is there a financial risk in keeping our borders closed to international students, it reduces our engagement with the world and the vibrancy of our entire community.

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