Victory of IEP students in the competition “Economics in faces”

4th-year students of the “Economics” direction, profile “Finance, credit and accounting” Alexandra Sineva, Ekaterina Fedorova, Egor Vanyushkin and Maxim Tkachenko took part in the second stage of the competition of scientific and biographical reports “Economics in faces”, organized by the VEP Agency ( Yekaterinburg city). The organizers of the competition invited the participants to prepare a video presentation about famous scientists-economists with an analysis of their most significant research and discoveries, facts and milestones of their scientific biography.
The competition was held throughout the year in two stages: 1st stage – from January 14 to May 1; Stage II – from May 1 to November 1. At the first stage , the organizers received 34 works, the authors of which were 59 young specialists representing 19 educational institutions of Russia and Kazakhstan; on the second – 46 works, 52 young specialists from 25 educational institutions of Russia. The jury selected the winners of each stage.

The VEP agency held an online round table, where the results of the second stage of the competition were summed up, and the jury experts made their recommendations on the submitted works.

By the decision of the jury, the 2nd place was awarded to Egor Vanyushkin and Maxim Tkachenko for the report “Mikhail Fedorovich Orlov and his economic views”; 3rd place – Alexandra Sineva and Ekaterina Fedorova for the report “Alexander Grigorievich Granberg: the foundations of the regional economy”.

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