Vidyamandir Classes organized a seminar- ‘Move Beyond’ at Indus Valley School, Noida

New Delhi: Vidyamandir Classes, a hallmark in IITJEE and medical coaching, organized a seminar titled ‘Move Beyond’ for the young aspirants seeking to establish themselves in the aforementioned fields. Saurabh Kumar, Director- Academic of Vidyamandir Classes addressed a gathering of approximately 500 students, along with their parents, at Indus Valley School, Noida.

During the interactive seminar, Mr. Kumar shared useful insights on holistic approach towards higher education. He also shared key tips and gave guidance on IIT JEE preparation and how Vidyamandir Classes help the students to achieve their dream of getting into the best engineering and medical colleges across the country.

Mr. Kumar laid emphasis on enhancing skills and how to gear-up for IIT JEE as well as medical coaching. How a student can concentrate better with all the distractions around, was another talking point during the seminar. Mr. Saurabh commented, ‘We are living in the age of distraction and students find it difficult to concentrate on studies. They tend to lose interest easily and look for reasons to stay away from studying. It is imperative that they focus on their course and study with full concentration and alert mind. You will get time for other leisure activities but this time will never come again. So, make the most of it, prioritize your timetable and follow it with full spirit.’

The seminar provided a platform to the students to introspect and understand the value of education, time and concentration. It aimed to make students understand the importance of right career and road-map to achieve the goals one has set for himself. A question & answer session ensued after the seminar concluded.