Vidyashilpa Academy students win the ‘Verbattle Debate Championship

Bengaluru  : Students of Vidyashilpa Academy bagged the title in the 18th edition of State Verbal Debate Championship Karnataka 2022.

Piya and Tashi in the Beginner category and Adya and Ayman in the Junior category were successful in winning the final round competition held at the Kondajji Basappa Hall, Palace Road, Bangalore today.

Deepak Thimaya, the founder of Verbattle, said that a total of 47 students participated in the beginner’s category and 173 students participated in the junior category. A total of 51 schools participated in the competition. Ramakrishna Upadhyaya, Sunil Rajasekhar, Hamsvardhan, Vinayak Ramakrishna participated as judges.

20,000 for the winner of the beginner category and lakh for the winner of the junior category. He said that eight to 12-year-old children participated in the beginner section and 12 to 16-year-old children participated in the junior section.

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