VijayBhoomi University partners with INSOFE to offer courses in Data Science, AI

Bangalore: Vijaybhoomi University in the Greater Mumbai region promoted by the 25 year old leading business school in the country, IFIM Business School has established a first of its kind arrangement with INSOFE, a leader in Data Science education and corporate training, to establish an independent professional school for data sciences under the aegis of the
University to offer next-gen degree programs such as BS (Data Science), BE (Artificial Intelligence) and MS (Data Science). These programs have specially designed by INSOFE to meet the impending demand of more than 90,000 data science professionals as required in the country.

The BS (Data Science) program is probably the best qualification for those who are planning to make a career in the IT and ITeS world. With the world going digital, algorithms and data analytics skills are becoming paramount. With most IT and ITeS companies pivoting their businesses to cater to the digital transformation requirements of the world, trained data scientists are becoming the most demanded professionals in the industry. And why not? By pursuing a 3 year Bachelor of Science program, the user learns the tools for building algorithms and also learns to apply the same to a business vertical. Graduating students from this program can expect to get high paying jobs not only in IT and ITeS companies but also be in high demand by the new age platform companies that have been established on the foundation of digital and big data analytics. The students are also empowered to deep dive and complete their masters in data science by completing a co-term of one year. Implying that a student will be able to finish his bachelors and masters degree in 4 years.

The BE (Artificial Intelligence) program is best suited for those who are keen to work in research laboratories and world-class product companies to solve complex engineering tasks of data sciences and artificial intelligence. With extremely rigorous training in mathematics and software programming, students graduating from this program will be able to design, develop and maintain revolutionary platforms for various applications of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The degree also provides an ideal platform for students to pursue a global Master’s and Ph.D. degree in AI.

The MS (Data Science) program is a two year program targeted at engineering / science / math graduates who wish to develop a career in Data Science. It combines three crucial aspects of AI application; Engineering, Mathematics and Business. The student spends one term studying Data Science, one term studying Business Management and one term overseas getting exposed to real world product engineering problems in data science. Then they do an industry project and thesis. They will be looked at by the industry to help them leap forward in AI adoption.

The INSOFE School of Data Science at Vijaybhoomi University will be set up in the Vijaybhoomi University campus at Karjat, Greater Mumbai. The school will provide state of the art infrastructure for laboratory work and will also engage with industry to provide the best internships that India has to offer. The courses at this school will be delivered by the acclaimed faculty of INSOFE, faculty from IFIM Business School and Vijaybhoomi University. The students will also experience master classes from leading faculties in the world and will also have an opportunity to pursue a term overseas along with dual degree options with global highly ranked universities.

Speaking on this association, Sanjay Padode, President Vijaybhoomi University , said, “Vijaybhoomi University is the first “Liberal Professional University” in the country. The liberal framework of the curriculum enables the student to explore and discover their own life goals. Further the curriculum goes on to help the student build relevant knowledge and develop skills that are highly desirable but in short supply and much required by society. Partnering with INSOFE is a testimony to the University’s commitment of providing professional education and designed to provide each student with a great launching pad for ‘xgboosting” their career”

Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, CEO of INSOFE, said, “We have observed that technology and management skills grow along two different pathways. Through the implementation of technology across various industries, there is a driving need to bridge the gap between technology and management skills. By delivering these new-age programmes to the students of VijayBhoomi University and IFIM Business School, we aim to enrich students to become future-ready professionals who would have technology as well as managerial skills as their forte.”

INSOFE School of Data Science will be the first private professional training and education school established in a University for conducting research and delivering rigorous academic inputs to develop future ready professionals in the area of data science. The degree programs offered by this school will be the best in this category and the objective of these programs would be to develop continuously employable professionals who are trained to be solution seekers and solution providers leveraging the new technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to make our society a better place to live whilst developing their individual successful careers.