Viral Roger sells 5K+ copies of the first book in the Quests of William Wood and shatters charts online


New Delhi: The first book in The Mysterious Elixir series, The Quests of William Wood is quickly climbing its way to the top of the charts. Currently, with over 5K+ copies sold, the book is selling a large number of copies, especially for a new author on the block.


The high number of copies sold can be attributed to the mystical journey that has been portrayed in a highly engaging manner on paper. The book never ceases to amaze the reader with its imaginative take on the world witnessed by the Protagonist- William.


Reads have been resonating with the child-like joy of exploring a new land and the shenanigans that new friends can get into when they team up together. The themes of the book are fresh and exciting and have been described as “gripping” by various publications. The book follows William, who is grieving the loss of his mother, and how he escapes his house to escape his indifferent father. Instead of Glummings, he accidentally reaches Gleanings- a land that has been plagued by mysterious happenings and shocking events once the sunset. He is accompanied by his friends Leon and Ivy, who join him on a quest to find the mysteries the woods hide, and how their journey accidentally leads him to a secret so shocking and otherworldly that it changes William’s life forever.


The author of the book, Viral Roger, is a doctor by profession but has always had a flair for writing from a very young age. She rediscovered writing again when she started narrating bedtime stories for her son Rohan and weaved together an intricate plot that translated beautifully on paper.


Viral Roger, author of The Mysterious Elixir said, “My family is my biggest inspiration, and it is their support that has enabled me to bring William Wood to life. Writing William’s story taught me how precious fiction can be, and how underrated it is as a genre. I hope to empower other fiction writers through my book and see a whole new world of characters in the future of The Quests of William Wood series.”


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