Virtual Classes Ensure Continued Creative Business Training of Youth Amind COVID-19 Challenge

Recent COVID-19 contingencies in Indonesia needed UNESCO Jakarta to replace face to face trainings with virtual classes under UNESCO-Citi Foundation project on Creative Youth at Indonesian Heritage Sites.

The project intends to build the entrepreneurial capacity of 400 youth living in and around the famous heritage destinations of Borobudur, Prambanan, Lake Toba, Kotatua (Jakarta) and Bali to tap into the livelihood opportunities the sites offer. A series of trainings, including product development, business planning, brand building, storytelling and social media marketing, are to be delivered.

To maintain communication with the youth beneficiaries and keep the project activities going amid this pandemic, UNESCO Jakarta has successfully utilized WhatsApp in combination with Youtube harnessing their user-friendly features.

A first set of online courses has been conducted since 20 March targeting youth from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Kotatua and Toba region. By 29 April, UNESCO Jakarta and its partners have successfully conducted 19 business trainings. The training subjects are adapted to the identified needs of participants for each site, ranging from business planning to branding, product-story creation and marketing strategies.

For the next few months, in response to the social distancing measures and #stayathome campaign imposed by the government, UNESCO Jakarta is preparing more virtual activities for the targeted sites and beneficiaries. Information about these virtual classes is also updated regularly through various social media platforms specifically created for this UNESCO-Citi Foundation project under the account handle “Kita Muda Kreatif” (@kitamudakreatif).

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