Virtual Leadership Week at Amity University

New Delhi: Amity School of Business, Amity University is organizing a virtual ‘Leadership Week: 480 Minutes of Web series’ looking at connecting, empowering & celebrating the Leaders. Through a combination of inspiring and interactive sessions the program will focus on generating conversations, ideas, and actions for leaders in economic development to step boldly into the future with vision and confidence. The series of lectures began on February 10, 2021 and will culminate on February 18, 2021.


During the session, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Commandant, CRPF shared that leadership is about character and one should always focus on action and not on blame. He suggested students to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. He stated that leadership should be like a lotus which grows in muddy water, rises above the surface to bloom, reaches for the light, and embraces the new beginning. It is a myth that leadership is power, and leaders are born but the reality is that leaders are made. He averred that leadership is the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of goals.


Mr. Mayank Khandelwal, Vice President – Engineering, Treebo Hotels, Bangalore stated that start-ups must be familiar with challenges and see that every role is distributed correctly. He called for creating business process and funds, a challenge which every start-up faces. He suggested students to define their business process correctly and communicate it well. He added that lack of common goal is one of the biggest challenges in any start-up. He advised students to have a mission statement with common goals and said that leaders should motivate his team to work towards the common goal.


In another session, Mr. V. Narayanan, Chief Operating Officer, Alliance advertising and marketing Pvt. Ltd talked about “Leadership at Play” and said that the leadership is always in front of a fierce competitor. A good leader has a leadership mindset, is equipped with skills, strengthens relationships and focuses on the work. He stated that the leadership should be responsible, supportive and flexible. The person who leads should come to encourage the people & to become a good leader one must get out of their comfort zone, listen to people and understand the tendency of the region. He suggested to never underestimate the ideas of major changes. He asked students to understand the weaknesses of the competitor and always move on and further explained the leadership qualities by giving examples of advertising and films.

The sessions were well-attended by students and faculty members who also asked various questions pertaining to leadership skills.


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