Visit following the implementation of the NatureBeST project in Segezha

Head of the Petrozavodsk branch of the Governing Body of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program Dmitry Bazegsky visited the pilot facility of the NatureBeST project – the Segezha hotel.
September 3, 2021 D.V. Bazegskiy got acquainted with the complex of works carried out within the framework of the project of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program KA5041 “Green Technologies in Tourism to Reduce the Negative Impact on the Environment” in the Segezha hotel complex, the leading partner of which is PetrSU. Such study visits are carried out by the Managing Authority for significant facilities on the scale of the republic, which have received significant project funding for the development of their infrastructure and fixed assets.
Project manager Sergei Koshelev and representative of the Segezha hotel Alexei Sidorenkov presented a new individual heating station with the transition to a closed heat supply system with weather regulation of the heat carrier supply from the heating network to increase the efficiency of the building heating system and reduce the cost of compensating for heat losses. According to the engineer, today it is the most modern heating station in Segezha.

Alexey Sidorenkov noted that the heating system of the building has also been improved: the filling of the heating system has been reconstructed, balancing valves have been installed for more efficient distribution of the heat carrier between the buildings of the building; risers.

In addition, the supply and exhaust ventilation system in the food production department of the hotel was reconstructed. The supply ventilation unit is mounted outside the building and is equipped with a recuperation section to provide heating of the supply air with extract air, which removes excess heat from the room. These measures made it possible to abandon the use of the heat carrier of the heating network for heating the supply air and reduce the consumption of thermal energy.

Currently, there is a process of monitoring and evaluating the economic effect of innovations. According to preliminary data, today the savings are at least 30 percent.

D.V. Bazegsky was satisfied with the results of the project in Segezha. There are very few other examples of cross-border cooperation in Segezha region, and the obtained positive result should have a positive effect on the development of international cooperation. He also expressed hope for the popularization and multiplication of the results obtained at other small businesses in the tourism sector in the republic. PetrSU is ready to help Karelian entrepreneurs in this: new educational programs on energy and resource conservation have been developed, practice-oriented manuals on the efficient use of energy and materials have been published, excursions on the practical use of modern environmental solutions for tourist accommodation are conducted at the Urozero educational center.