Vladimir Putin noted the importance of creating a unified scientific, technological and digital space between Russia and the Republic of Belarus

Russia and the Republic of Belarus have long and successfully cooperated in the field of science and technology and jointly solve the strategic task of creating a single scientific, technological and digital space of the Union State. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the plenary session “Scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the era of digitalization”.

Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation

He stressed that the theme of the event is consonant with the challenges of the times and the dynamics of technological changes in all areas.

“A number of joint innovation programs and projects are already being implemented in such areas as information and computing technologies, geological exploration and energy, genomic and medical research,” the head of state said.

He noted that a prize was established in the field of science and technology, which is awarded once every two years to Russian and Belarusian scientists and authors’ teams.

Vladimir Putin recalled that the Belarusian-Russian University was established in Mogilev, which also includes a lyceum, an architecture and construction college, an institute for advanced training and retraining of personnel.

“Russia and Belarus are working together to improve the academic mobility conditions for students and lecturers of their universities. In addition to this, Belarusian citizens can enrol for all kinds of tuition in Russian universities, including state-financed openings based on competitive examinations. Furthermore, the results of the Belarusian system of Central Testing and the results of School Olympiads of the Union State will be recognised in Russia already this year.

It is notable that the scientific and technological cooperation of Russia and Belarus has an applied aspect, and our joint achievements are being used to modernise our industries and knowledge-intensive sectors in both countries, ” the President specified.

The head of state said that the focus of attention also remains on issues of patriotic education of youth, preserving the memory of the most important events in the common past of countries and preventing attempts to falsify history.

“In addition, we have to work with young people more specifically and really make youth policy a priority in the Union State: we have agreed with the President of Russia to discuss this at the next Union State Supreme State Council meeting. We have to raise creative youth, patriots and creators, who connect their future and the future of their children with the future of their homeland, as well as open new prospects for them in the Union State’s education space.” concluded Vladimir Putin.

So, in the All-Russian essay competition “Without a statute of limitations”, which is annually held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of Russia, schoolchildren not only from Russia but also from the Republic of Belarus take an active part.