Vocal for Local and Go Global: Union Minister Raosaheb Danve in an ASSOCHAM’s Webinar

New Delhi: Emphasizing on Vocal for Local and Local to Global, MoS Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Mr RaoSaheb Danve said, India owing to its excellent diplomatic relations with everyone enjoys a much brighter spot across the globe. We have phenomenal relations with all the developed as well as developing nations. This is the consequence of the efforts taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India today enjoys a global significance in all the parameters. This will certainly help our efforts of giving the local products a massive global market which will ensure the Indian economy to surge significantly.

Minister Shri RaoSaheb further added that “In this process, organizations like ASSOCHAM have a major role to play in giving its guidance on the matter. All the suggestions given by the panelists today will be taken very seriously by the government. I assure you on behalf of the union government that we are committed to extend all the possible help to everyone in such times at an ASSOCHAM’s webinar on The Indian Brands Confluence: Be Vocal for Local”

The introduction and welcome note in the digital interactive session was delivered by moderated Mr Saurabh Manchanda from Zee Business. He also moderated the session. In between the session Mr Manchanda laid stress on the opportunities for various Indian brands under the umbrella of Vocal for Local.

Mr Deepak Sood Secretary General while discussing the need of Being Vocal for Local and Going Global laid emphasis on the need of creation of strong brands that represent innovation, trust and are based on core principals. He stated that it’s the need of the hour for corporate India and the aspiring Brands of India to be digitally present and work towards creating identities.

In his words, the way forward is to create strong bonds while evaluating consumer partnerships, usage of advanced technologies of communication, as these are interlinked with enhancing brand values.

Collectively these parameters do impact the business and the key activities such as attracting investors, generating positive perception among stakeholders and reaching out to new relations.

One of the panelist Mr Piruz Khambatta, CMD Rasna Pvt Ltd. said, “I always believe in make in India. According to me, there should be an addition to the term ‘Be Vocal For Local’ and this addition is ‘Go Global’, because vocal and local can’t work alone without the companies going global. Product, make in India is actually a plus point for global market. Consumers actually want Indian stuff in global market. We as Indian brands only need to work on the quality, consistency and a perfect price for the product in order to get it ready for going global.”

Mr Piruz Khambatta further added that “We need to accept CPVID as a huge opportunity as there is huge market demand for wellness products in health sector. The goverment is ready to partner with the Indian products. And now the question is how can we be partners with government by ensuring India becoming manufacturing destination for the world?

Another panelist Mr Ullas Kamath, Jt MD, Jyothi Labs said, “It is just that brand like us have started our business journey way back in 1983 with Rs 5,000 of capital, and is getting recognition now. Ujala is going out as a product in 34 countries on its own. Unit economics of India is unbeatable across the globe. Mr Ullas further added that “Startups are for tomorrow, we just need to encourage them. We can see how beautifully these startups are coming at different scales and from different industry background.” They are highly educated and understand the scale very well. Right now it is important that how do we nurture 50,000 startups in our country. We just need to raise our helping hands in order to support these startups and they’ll go global.”

One of the other panelists Mr Sanjeev Pendharkar, MD, VICCO Labs said, “VICCO was started in 1952 and it’s been more than a 60 years in exporting our products to more than 45 countries today. It is only the quality of VICCO, which is also the USP of our brand.”

At last our final panelist Mr Deb Mukherjee, urged the Hon’ble MoS Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution that government should give priority to MSMEs for govt purchase. He also requested the Minister to change the procedure to purchase products for government use.

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