Vocational guidance landing of PetrSU at school

In the secondary comprehensive Finno-Ugric school named after Elias Lennrot held a career guidance event for 11th grade students.
A career guidance event was conducted by a 4th year student of the PetrSU Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (direction “Pedagogical Education” with two training profiles “Life Safety and Physical Culture”) Elizaveta Parshukova. Assistance in organizing and holding the event was provided by Alexey Sergeevich Drobysh, senior lecturer at the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU.

During the vocational guidance, information was provided about the admission campaign of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, indicating places in all areas of study of the Institute, the required minimum points for admission, and the duration of study. The students were introduced to the infrastructure of PetrSU, sports sections, the size of scholarships, the peculiarities of living in a dormitory, information regarding the military department was announced. The schoolchildren were introduced to the heads of the departments of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, teachers and graduates.

The event was attended by 45 students. For them, it is of great interest to enter universities, of course, someone else is in doubt about the choice of the direction of study or institute. During the conversation, it was possible to interest future applicants in admission to PetrSU, to tell and show the advantages of training, to answer questions of interest: about the possibility of employment at the Department of Tourism, the timing and standards for passing physical training, living in a hostel, scholarships, training opportunities at the military department and obtaining ranks after graduation, summer military training, etc.,
noted the organizers of the event.

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