Vodafone launches cloud based Customer Management apps for SMEs in partnership with SugarCRM

New Delhi: Vodafone Business Services (VBS) has announced Vodafone CRM – a suite of cloud-based customer management applications in partnership with SugarCRM, designed to enable Small & Medium enterprises have a 360 degree customer view and to build greater customer relationships.

Double Bracket: Vodafone CRM key highlights:
• Contact & Account Management – simple, basic customer management tool
• Sales & Business Development –to build and track pipelines
• Marketing & Lead Generation – to run marketing campaigns and generate leads
• Customer Support, Retention & Success – to manage customer support better
• Standard and Premium editions designed for larger businesses
• Available on Vodafone’s dedicated online cloud marketplace – Vodafone CloudStore [www.cloud.vodafone.in]
Vodafone CRM, powered by SugarCRM is built to be both flexible and modular. With an intuitive user experience the enterprise can better manage customer engagements and relationship allowing them to stand out in the challenging market place of today.

Vodafone CRM helps enterprises empower their sales team in a way that they can closely monitor customer information from any location and at any time needed on a simple accessible system. The system enables a 360 degree view of clients and records every interaction and business opportunity. Everything from allowing lead capture, pipeline building, running marketing campaigns and evaluating marketing ROI to managing mails and appointments, preparing quotes, tracking sales performance, and supporting their customers effectively with their issues and queries can be managed on this flexible CRM. With the companion mobile app, the enterprise can manage their customers on the go.
Targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), startups and small offices / home offices (SoHos), Vodafone CRM is designed as different modules so that businesses can manage their customers in a better and more efficient manner.

Anil Philip, Senior Vice President, Vodafone Business Services said, “Vodafone CRM in partnership with SugarCRM enables enterprises to UNCOMPLICATE customer engagement and management in today’s complicated and challenging market environment and thus give the enterprise an edge in a crowded marketplace.”

“We are thrilled that Vodafone has chosen to partner with SugarCRM to offer CRM capabilities to its digital marketplace,” said Laurence Leong, Vice President of Business Development, SugarCRM. “SugarCRM’s flexible product, and our OEM program with flexible business terms, allows Vodafone to create customized CRM offerings so its customers can build better business relationships.”

Vodafone CRM is now available on Vodafone’s completely online automated cloud apps marketplaceVodafone CloudStore (www.cloud.vodafone.in), Customerscan buy online, opt for simple, flexible payment options and manage their users and licenses online. Vodafone also extends dedicated Account management, Relationship management and Cloud Support infrastructure that helps with onboarding and in-life support.