Volunteering Solutions expands their footprints across America and Europe


Gurugram: Volunteering Solutions has now expanded their footprints across America and Europe, with exclusive educational trips to the USA, the UK, Ireland, and Portugal. The one-of-its-kind Indian organization has already been facilitating voluntourism and foreign service learning trips to students around the world in 30 countries for over a decade.

Volunteering Solutions is associated with international schools and universities from the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other major countries offering affordable foreign educational trips for students. The company is also assisting in strengthening local economies and making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged people by motivating students and facilitating interactive and learning educational trips.

Talking about the company’s growing footprints, Mr. Saurabh Sabharwal, Founder & CEO, Volunteering Solutions says, “Our initiative has impacted the underprivileged lives across nations in fields of Child Care, Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Community Development, Marine Conservation and many more. We are proud to include affordable educational and learning programs with best-in-class facilities in 4 more countries into our service portfolio. This will enhance our outreach and help in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations that iterates the importance of every individual in the society.”

Mr. Sabharwal further adds, “We are offering over 140 programs in these countries with dedicated coordinators at each voluntourism destination who takes care of the students and their traveling, accommodation, meals, and security. Our aim is to create a ‘socially impactful journey’ for humanitarians through our affordable solutions and bridge the gap between the participants and the host communities. Our efforts to create a local connect will help students to explore their true potential and excel themselves in different skills.”

Volunteering Solutions diligently works to give global exposure to participating students and close experience of local cultures, traditions, and an opportunity to contribute to the community development as an integral part of the society. The company is also a member of WYSE Travel Confederation in Netherlands and IATO in India.